My biggest accomplishment is to have reached a deep level of understanding and insight about the powers we all possess and use this to help people live better lives through my teaching.

I quit my high paying job in the pharmaceutical industry many years ago to find out more about creation, how the Universe operates and why certain people are successful while others struggle. I went on a quest to find answers which could help people.

My driving force was to make a difference in the world by impacting peoples lives. To leave my mark.

Over the years I have helped thousands of people change their lives for the better. It´s difficult to describe how that feels. It´s a touching, loving feeling every time I read the story of one of the numerous people beeing touched by my teaching. Below I have chosen to share one of the many amazing stories with you.
In December 2011 I received an email from a young man by the name of Jan Tore Amland. His story really touched my heart.

In January 2011 he became paralyzed from the neck down and hospitalized. The doctors said it was NMO (Neuromyelitis optica), inflammation of the spinal cord and optic nerve. They told him that it would take at least 2-3 years before he could walk again.

However, Jan Tore recovered in record time (in a matter of weeks) and he attributed his recovery to my teaching which I am sharing with people in my e-books, books and personal development programs.

When he was paralysed his wife read passage from my book The Shift in Consciousness and she also wrote them on the whiteboard in his hospital- room. He read them everyday and believed what they were conveying.

After his recovery he sent me an email telling me about his incredible story. I cried when I read it. You can read his whole story here: Mind blowing recovery

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