Over the years I have created many websites.
Below you´ll find links to my current websites and other relevant links.
This website was one of the first sites I build. It´all about helping people see The Bigger Picture of Reality and helping them realize the power they have within. It´s getting close to 50,000 unique visitors every month.
The One Mind One Energy BLOG
Blog about the Universe, Universal Laws, Body, Mind & Soul, Afterlife, Power of Thought and similar topics. New posts published every week.

 This is my profil page and the content in this site is also focusing on helping people live better lives. It´s currently running on Joomla and will soon be moved to Wordpress and upgraded in terms of look & feel.
The Shift in Consciousness

This site was created after I published my first book The Shift In Consciousness. It addresses topics such as the power of thought, consciousness, energy, frequencies and vibrations, reincarnation, karma, soul journeys, near-death experiences and much more.

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 The 5 Steps To Master Your Life.

This site was created after I published my latest personal development program with 44 lessons, 35 videos (shot on green screen), 17 audios and 19 e-books. It probably one of the most comprehensive and complete personal development programs available online today. It´s based on more than 10 years of research into the secret of life and how the Universe operates. This site is primarily for capturing leads to our funnel. We offer a free video series about body, mind and soul and the bigger picture of reality. At the end of the series subscribers will get the opportunity to check out the 5 Step program. 
Due to time-consuming research prior to writing my books and creating personal development programs I chose to close down my FB profile a few years ago. (I was one of the first to get a FB profil in my country and I had many thousands friends.) I know focus is one of the most important factors to succeed so I chose to focus everything on my research so I could build a solid foundation for my personal development products and services.  As such I prioritized my time and FB was dropped since it took up too much of my time. However, I have a "secret" FB profile so I can run pages and campaigns.
Most of my content is in English, but I also have content
in Norwegian. Below you´ll see my Norwegian sites. 
This is my Norwegian website featuring my Norwegian
products and services for the private market. 
 This site is for the business market in Norway/Scandinavia and is all about Energy Leadership. I offer a leadership program for business leaders to help them become better leaders. It´about understanding how human relations involves energy exchange both at the conscious and subconscious level. It´s about leading from the heart - "heart leadership". 

This site is all about showing people the health benefits of earthing or grounding by walking barefoot or using earthing devices like mats or bedsheets. We received a lot of media attention when we launched this site. TV and newspapers did a story on us.

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