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I´m writing this blogpost as a tribute to my father. He died two days ago at the age of 84.

We are born, we live and we die, but what happens next?

Are we gone forever? Is it game over?

Do we return to star-dust in the vastness of the Universe with no consciousness?

Is this what awaits us? I used to think so because I was raised in a family of physicians – all atheists.

But as a teenager I started questioning this view. 30 years later I had an awakening that changed my view about the life and death cycle.

And two days ago I was able to see death up-close as my father took his last breath on this Earth.

His whole life he was an atheist and he was terrified of dying.

After my awakening more than 12 years ago I tried time and time again to show him my point of view about the afterlife.

I told him it was nothing to fear and provided extensive near-death experience research and statements from respected scientists, but he would never listen. No proof was good enough.

He died at home and my mother, my brother and sisters and myself were with him until the very end.

I know in my heart that the essence of who he is has moved on to “the other side” with an altered state of consciousness.

When you die I believe that we enter into another state of existence because we move into another state of consciousness.



As I talk about in my books, programs, talks and seminars – consciousness is at the base of everything and consciousness is what makes up the reality you experience. So too after death.

As such each person´s level of consciousness will determine their reality. It could be the reality we experience here on Earth in the 3D world of matter or it could be any other dimensional reality.

Upon death we alter our state of consciousness and we experience another reality than the one we leave behind.

And it´s so extraordinarily different from the spatial frame of reality in which we exist in the physical world that the language we have is not yet adequate to describe this other state of existence or consciousness.



People with near-death experiences have tried to tell us what this reality is like, but words are not sufficient to even come close.

I do believe it´s an experience similar to that of dreaming because when you dream you alter your state of consciousness. You slow down your brainwaves and move into lower brainwaves states opening up for the dream-world.

While in the dream-state everything seems logic somehow. It makes sense, but when you wake up it´s nothing logical about it. That´s because in the awakened state you´re in a different state of consciousness.

I´m sure you´ve experienced having vivid dreams that seemed very realistic, but when you woke up you could´t make any sense of it at all.

I do belive dying is something similar. The life we´ve lived here on Earth somehow fades away as the new reality (the other side) takes center stage.

I also believe that the afterlife-reality is less dense than the 3D world of matter. As such thoughts become your reality much faster.



In the after-life the manifestation process is not slow as it is here on Earth.

In order to create your own reality here you have to think the same thought about what you want over and over again as this world is very dense. Thoughts are energy and it requires a lot of energy to turn it into a world of matter. (E = mc2)

After you die the amount of energy required to manifest your reality is less. So what you think will manifest much faster.

That´s why people with fear-based thoughts about the after-life might experience “hell-like” realities. They manifest “hell” themselves and as soon as they realise they are causing it “hell” disappears.

The same with positive thoughts. If you believe in a Heaven you´ll experience Heaven since you are thinking “heavenly thoughts”.

The more positive thoughts you think in the after-life the higher frequency-realities you will experience.

It´s all about your energy, frequency and vibration which is being set-up by the way you think. (I talk about this extensivelyly in my books and in my programs Your Manifesting Power and 5 Steps To Master Your Life.)

Even though the human body, with it´s brain, is left behind after death you still think in the after-life. There are countless near-death experience studies showing this.

In the last year, as I saw my father get sicker, I kept telling him to remember to think positive thoughts upon his death. He just shook his head and pretended not to care, but I´m sure it sunk in somehow.

Maybe he followed my advice. If so, he is most likely experiencing a high-frequency reality very different from our own.

Enjoy your after-life my father. See you.
Love Camillo 🙂