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This article is based on information I accumulated when doing research prior to writing my book The Paradox of Creation.

One major contributor was Steve Berg – a leadworker from the UK – who reached out to me many years ago. He experienced creation as a cycle in slow motion. He said it was a mind-blowing experience.

For the last 7 years he has been sharing his experience with me. We have exchanged close to 2000 emails during this time. Sometimes many per day.  He helped to expand my level of consciousness so I could view creation from a different perspective.

In this article I share with you some information about how consciousness is following a cycle and how it needs a finite format in order to exist. It can´t be part of the infinite.

Eternity is not a very long time. Eternity is all possible time, and so no time as like the infinite it also can’t manifest as it can’t be quantified or sized, as in ‘how long?’. 

Eternity can’t ‘begin’, this as a beginning is nothing more than an ending viewed from the opposite direction, a point beyond which there is nothing. Which is why someone wrote in The Matrix movie, ‘Everything that has a beginning has an end’. That’s the nature of the manifest. 

The infinite/eternal can’t manifest. It is potentially everything and anything, and yet nothing. Still and unobserved.


Consciousness is tied to time-space – ‘the manifest’. Why? 

Because conscious is achieved via a feedback-loop of re-cognised thought:  ‘I think therefore I am’. The mind is split into three aspects (metaphoric space), the viewer, the viewed, and the neutral zone (the bit between them that is neither, that which stops them joining and being the same thing).

Via observing our thoughts and feelings, that seem to be other than the ‘I’, we recognise the observer observing, so yes, ‘I think therefore I am’. 

It’s a feedback-loop which requires a modicum of time to feed back ( the (re) in re-cognise ) so consciousness is tied to time-space, the finite realm. 


In our infinite state, there are no boundaries, which means that the viewer and the viewed are one and the same, therefore there can be no feedback-loop, so no re-cognition. This is when we sleep. 

In sleep we revert back to our infinite state, and this happens in cycles due to the fact that we are ever paradoxing (chicken egg chicken egg), we can’t settle in one state, the paradox can never be resolved. So sleep wake sleep wake, chicken egg, yin yang. 

And also sleep and wake as we know them are a micro fractal example of the ‘universe’ that also sleeps and wakes, this from Big Bang, to Big Crunch. So yes the Bouncing Universe theory makes sense.


Consciousness is ever moving, ever feeding back, by nature. To put it simply, when awake, you are always re-cognising, ‘thinking’, because when awake you are always ‘self aware’ and that self awareness is achieved via thought. Your mind is feeding back, which is movement.

Now this concept is circular.

Consciousness gets stuck. Why? Because consciousness can’t move at the end of the cycle, this as it has consumed all of the manifest (this is the ‘actual’ math of the Bouncing Universe Theory, it’s not gravity that builds and flips the cycle, it’s the ‘pressure’ of conscious momentum, having nothing to re-cognise). 

The finite manifest has been experienced, this likened to a jig-saw puzzle that has been completed. There are no more pieces to fit into the puzzle. They are “placed” where they are supposed to be so there is nothing more to do – nothing more to consume – to be conscious of. 


The placing of the puzzle pieces can be seen as movement that is possible only because we have forgotten ‘God’. The free spaces – this to allow the movement.  

We are travelling into a void of our forgotten future, that can from another perspective, be seen as our forgotten past! It’s the only way we can move in the face of the ‘complete’ eternal, to forget what ‘is’, and re-member that. So forgetting really is for-getting.

When consciousness is complete it can’t move. Take the example of a child’s slider puzzle: the puzzle where there is always one free space so that the other tiles can slide. For example’s sake, if we say that the puzzle is mechanical and ever moving -representing consciousness. 

Then consider what would happen if you put the last tile in place? The unstoppable momentum would explode the puzzle, sending all of the tiles all over the place. 



So, when we have completed the cycle of creation we have then reached the acute paradox point, the ‘core’ paradox. This is the “place” where the finite and the infinite “meet”. It just like when you fall at sleep every night. You are conscious and awake, but then you start to drift and drift and at a certain point you reach the “tipping-point” where you go from consciousness and awake to unconscious and asleep.

You do it everyday.

Since I believe all answers lie within and because one of The Universal Laws is As Above So Below (The Low of Correspondence) then the same thing happens with The One Cosmic Mind, but on a way bigger scale. 


Our cycle is one Earth day. The cycle of the One Mind is a tad bit longer LOL.

At the paradox point the finite consciousness tries to re-cognise the only ‘other’ than itself which is the infinite.

It tries to touch the infinite. This is Adam biting the apple. A finite man trying to be as ‘God’ – the infinite – the story is symbolic and the garden scenario comes at the end of the cycle. Not the beginning…well…the beginning is the end so..

This is the Big Bang which occurs in order to alleviate the core paradox.

It is when the finite mind tries to ‘get it’s head around’, view and join with the infinite. The result an unstoppable expansion.


The finite mind is exploded, all connections are severed in order to alleviate the core paradox, which is more or less the same as pushing the jig-saw puzzle off of the table, smashing it so there is something to do. 

All the pieces spread out more and more just to be put together once again. It is something for the mind to re-cognise. It creates a void to allow for movement. The universe, the backdrop to history, is reborn! The hour glass flips! Around we go one more time.