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do believe we all have a higher self which is eager to go to the next vibratory level of creation.

If you are awakening now you are probably motivated to connect with higher dimensions/levels (or realms). As such you are probably aiding in raising human consciousness. I know I am and that´s why I provide this blog covering topics related to body, mind and soul.

When you start opening up you will notice it in many ways. You will probably be very dissatisfied with the present system governing our Earth – everything from the greedy egos making more money than certain countries to people polluting our environment. 

A spiritual friend of mine, Steve Berg, once said:  If you are not angry with the world you are part of the problem.” 

Yes, I get what he means. 

There is much we can improve to make this a better place and when you start waking up there will be a feeling of restlessness. You want to contribute. And soon.

I do belive things will get worse before it gets better because that is what is needed. There must be something that rocks the boat so people will reach a point where they say: enough is enough. 

I read a lot of channeled information and here is a passage from Jill Mara who channels light beings calling themselves: Simion, a collective of 7th dimension light beings.

People will have strong thoughts and actions against what is perceived as injustice to humanity and life on your planet. Disharmony will be surfacing. 

This again will force a globale awakening – an awareness that will shift consciousness to a higher level. It will open the eyes and souls of many humans and push their desires to raise your species to new dimensions. 

As people wake up they become increasingly more sensitive to energy vibrations and will be drawn to certain people and places. 

The fear of being ridiculed will be dissipated and many will find they no longer care what others think of their unorthodox ideas and behaviour.


Yes, I have seen this in my own life. In the past I was afraid to be ridiculed for my spiritual beliefs. Now, I couldn’t care less because I´m confident in my own truth.

I have also seen how people who wake up rise to a higher vibrational level while their partners remain the same. As a result long lasting partnerships and marriages (which seemed solid as a rock) are no longer sustained. There is a vibrational mismatch which forces the split-up to happen. I’ve seen this happen to friends, neighbours and even family members. 

And the partner in the split-up with the highest level of vibration always finds a new partner with the same vibrational match.

The earth is raising her vibration. There is an influx of higher energies influencing Earth and us as energy-beings. As such it will be very difficult to live with someone who has a different level of vibrational level than yourself.



Since you are reading this article I believe you are an awakened being with a higher level of vibration than most people. As such you contribute to an increased global level of consciousness.

So, when more and more people get interested in articles like these we are on the right track to a higher level of consciousness.

We are currently in a long awaited shift-in-consciousness-process where we can reach the next vibrational level. This requires an awakening and a realising that we are all connected and all part of All That Is. The One. Universal Consciousness. Cosmic Mind. Whatever you want to call it.

Everything is consciousness. You are a unique point of consciousness within this field of consciousness.

Your unique experience on this Earth is adding to the experience of All That Is. And now it is time to shift to a new scene. To a new level. To a higher dimension and gain experiences from that realm.

This will add to our spiritual growth. 

The more people we can help to raise their level of vibration and consciousness the better.

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