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This blogpost is based on information from my books The Shift in Consciousness and The Paradox of Creation.

Many years ago I started on a quest to find answers to big questions in life – questions like who are we? – where do we come from? – what are we doing here? – and what happens when we die? 

On this quest I naturally came across the topic of near-death experiences (NDE).

I find it to be a fascinating topic and I´ve had the pleasure to meet and interview several people with NDEs. I´ve also seen how more and more solid NDE research is seeing the light of day. It shows us that we do continue our journey after this physical life.

A great number of people have experienced dying (declared clinically dead) and then returned to life again. And it seems that NDEs involve a common pattern of events that these people go through. Although near- death experiences vary from one person to another, they often contain a number of common characteristics like:

  • A feeling of leaving the body. Sometimes being able to see one’s own physical body while floating above it.
  • A feeling of being pulled into a tunnel or darkness.
  • Seeing a bright light. Sometimes at the end of the tunnel.
  • A feeling of overwhelming peace, well-being or absolute, unconditional love.
  • A feeling of having access to unlimited knowledge.
  • A life review—feedback about important events during the life they just left behind.
  • A preview of future events.
  • Meeting loved ones who have already passed away, or other beings that can be identified as religious figures.


P.M.H. Atwater is one of the most well-know researchers in the field of near-death experiences (NDE). In 1977 she died three times in three months – January 2nd, January 4th and March 29th.

These three NDEs made a big impact on her. Eventually it led her to find people with similar experiences. She began her NDE research and has in total interviewed more than 3000 people with NDE.

I often say that we are like cells in a cosmic body and that we are all connected. Even the name of my website reflects this – One Mind – One Energy. We are all part of One Cosmic Mind living in a sea of energy.

And P.M.H. Atwater also talks about this. In her book We Live Forever she talks about how the meeting with The Light completely changes you as a person and what you perceive as reality. She says:

“You know you are a cell in the greater body, an extension of the One Force, an expression from the One Mind. No more can you forget your identity or deny or ignore or pretend it away. There is One and you are the One.”



Have you ever heard of shared Near-Death Experiences?

This is a phenomenon where a NDE is actually shared by someone who is not dying, but who is emotionally connected or in close proximity to someone who is concurrently in the “life/death” transition.

Near-Death researcher Dr. Raymond Moody began to hear about these shared-death experiences in the 1980 ́s when he was doing his NDE research. Friends, family, and medical personnel go along with the dying as they are surrounded by the light, taken through the tunnel, and sometimes even take part in the life review.

Together with author Paul Perry, Dr. Moody wrote the book Glimpses of Eternity (published October 2010 ) which was the first book to talk about the phenomenon of shared death experiences, this common but mysterious experience of family and friends sharing a loved one’s journey from this life to the next.

This type of experience is becoming increasingly reported.


I believe it´s yet another piece of the puzzle helping us re-member who we really are. We are waking up. We are moving along the cycle of remembrance and more and more people will wake up and see that we are all part of this One Cosmic Mind – The Mind of God.

We are points of consciousness using the physical body as a container to create, do and experience in order to be.

We never die we only transform and experience other “realities” of The One Mind.