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You have probably heard the expression “the inner world creates the outer world”. Our way of thinking creates the reality we experience because we live in a “thought universe”.

Creation is a three step process of thought, word and deed (action).

If you want to change your life and create new results you need to change the way you are thinking because this is the “starting point” of creation.

It´s impossible to create anything without thinking it first. So, you must think it then speak/write it and then do it.

Human beings are creatures of habit. Most people don´t really think new thoughts. Research shows that we think thousands upon thousands of thoughts everyday and that 90% of all these thoughts are the same as the day before.

No element of new. Hardly any new thoughts. If you don´t think new thoughts you´re not going to get new results – a new reality.

Thinking the same thoughts and doing the same things will never produce new results.

There is a saying that goes like this:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you think the same thoughts everyday (input) you´re only going to get the same results (output) as you’ve always gotten.

Same input = same output

We need to expand our thinking to create new results and a new reality.

In other words, we need to raise our level of consciousness.

Einstein realised this when he said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


So what is the fastest way to raise your level of consciousness so you can enjoy a new and better reality?


Judgment is weakness – observation is strength.

All we need to do to become more evolved as human beings is to increase our observational skills.

When you observe you don´t judge. It´s a shift from the ego and the intellect to the heart and the intuition. In other words, it is a shift in consciousness.

Observe the play called life. It´s all an illusion. Nothing is real per say even though it feels very real. Cutting edge research shows that everything is connected through the proton of each atom. Everything is connected to everything else because there is only one of us here.


There is only One Mind “playing out” this incredible “game” called life. And we are all part of this Mind.

And in our space-time construct this Mind is conscious. The Universe is like a field of consciousness saturating everything. And you´re part of it.

You are, what I like to call, a point of consciousness. In other words, a soul. You don´have a soul – you are a soul. In truth there is only One Soul.

This One Soul “divided” itself into soul aspects or points of consciousness to experience itself from many “points of view”.

So, we are like cells in a body – all connected and all making up the body.  We are like actors on a stage playing our part – our character.


And your character was shaped and conditioned by the environment you grew up in. An environment you chose as a soul in order to play the character you´re playing.

Research is also indicating that our entire Universe is a hologram – an illusion. In 2011 a theory called the Holographic Principle was published.

It´s not really something new. Spiritual people have been saying that our reality is a hologram for a long time and now science is catching up.

When you observer rather than judge you start to see the illusion. You realise you are playing a character. You can then become a conscious creator of your own reality because you will automatically raise your level of consciousness.

You are no longer unconscious of the play. You are aware of it.

Your ego is your mask so when you let go of your ego and start to observe rather than judge you raise your level of consciousness. it´s like removing the mask.


I talk about all this in detail in my book The Paradox of Creation.

To create a better world for all we need create peace and harmony, but the only way to do this is to get more people to observe. Once you start to observe you come from your heart and will be in harmony.

Inner peace is the only way to create outer peace.

It doesn´t matter how many peace treaties different governments sign if their level of conscious is not matching the consciousness of peace.

Most people on Earth are living in a “conflict energy” where competition rules. They think it is the “survival of the fittest”. Peace can never be created with such a level of consciousness.

However, if more people start to observe rather than judge they will raise their level of consciousness. They will come from inner peace and harmony and this will be reflected in our outer reality.

The inner world creates the outer world.