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Are your thoughts rooted in fear or love?

According to Dr. Joe Dispense we think app. 60 – 70,000 thoughts every day.

Also, according to prof. Bruce Lipton as much as 70% of our thoughts are negative because we have been shaped and conditions with limiting beliefs from the environment we grew up in.

Thought patterns form and become part of our subconscious thinking. Research shows that as much as 95-99 % of our decision-making is run by the subconscious mind. That means most of our decisions are rooted in the negative – in fear.





In his book Spontaneous Evolution Lipton says:

Our fate is under the control of recorded programs or habits that have been derived from instincts and the perceptions acquired in our life experiences. The most powerful and influential programs in the subconscious mind are the ones that were recorded first.

During the extremely important formative period between gestation and six years of age, our fundamental life- shaping programs were acquired by observing and listening to our primary teachers – our parents, siblings, and local community.

Unfortunately , as psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors are keenly aware, much of what we learned was based on misperception that are now expressed as limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs.

The first years of our lives we experience a very powerful “programming”. And for most people this “programming” has been of a negative nature with limiting beliefs.

That means most of our thoughts are rooted in fear – not in love. All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions – fear or love.

The way each and one of us view life (life perspective) is rooted in a core thought (the thought behind the thought) and a core feeling. This is linked to our level of consciousness (or level of energy). Either it´s a catabolic energy coming from fear or it´s an anabolic energy coming from love.


Fear and love are the only two “words in the language of the soul”.

They reside on the same scale – on opposite ends. This is the scale of polarity which is one of the Universal Laws running this Universe.

It allows the system we call “relativity” to be.

So, every human action, is based in either love or fear. That´s it. There is no other human motivation, and all other ideas are different types of variations of these two.

They are simply different versions—different twists on the same theme.



I see fear and love as the force that gives energy to our actions.

What “type” of force is driving your decisions and actions?

One of fear or one of love?

Do you believe we are all one, like cells in a body?

Or do you believe we are all separated?

Love comes from unity and oneness. Fear comes from separation.

People who believe we are all separate are “stuck” in their egos.

The stronger the ego the stronger the fear.


The status quo of planet Earth right now is one where the majority come from fear.

The good news is that it´s shifting. A shift in conciseness is upon us. More people are “waking up” and becoming more heart-based so we can achieve inner balance.

The cosmic conditions are ripe for the feminine energy to be restored on the planet. The Age of Aquarius has promised this. The Earth is moving into this new era and the balance will come forth.

Pay attention to your intuition and your heart – to your feminine energy.

Earth has been dominated by masculine energy for a long time. We are out of balance.

What is now needed is the feminine energy – our cosmic connection – our intuition. Connection to the heart. More love.

Each and everyone of us has to find the balance between yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy).

The more we are able to “think” with our hearts the more balanced we will become.We´ll move away from catabolic and negative fear based energy to anabolic, positive and loved based energy. It´s a shift from the ego to the heart.

This shift will happen fast when more people realise that WE ARE ALL ONE.