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He went from paralyzed and hospitalized to running and surfing again after believing in the magical power we all possess.

In 2010 I wrote and published the book The Shift in Consciousness (Norwegian version ). At the time I was working closely with the powerful medium Lilli Bendriss. She contributed with her channeled messages which I included in the book.
In 2011 I published the english version of the book and since then we have received great feedback from both our Norwegian and English readers.

In December 2011, we received yet another great, positive feedback. It came from Mr. Jan Tore Amland. His story really touched my heart. He went from a condition of being paralyzed from the neck down and hospitalized to running and surfing again in record time. Doctors said it was a miracle. I asked him if I could share his incredible story with other people and he said I was more than welcome to do so.

He attributed his recovery to my teaching which I am sharing with people in my books like The Shift in Consciousness and personal development programs like Your Manifesting Power and The 5 Steps To Master Your Life (including the 12 Universal laws).

This teaching awakened and strengthened his faith in healing. It made him consciously aware of his thoughts, attitude and actions. It motivated him in the process of taking on this challenge that was given to him. Below you find a video about his story and below the video is the text version of the story as he told it to us word by word.


This is truly an amazing and great story. This young man, Jan T. Amland, went from paralyzed and hospitalized to running and surfing again in record time. Doctors said it was a miracle, but Jan T. said it was all about his faith in his own ability to heal. He tapped into the healing powers we all possess. Below is his whole story as he told it to us word by word.

From: Jan Tore Amland
Date: Dec. 13th 2011, 23:01
Subject: Thank you Lilli and Camillo!
Dear Lilli and Camillo!

I attended your seminar in Haugesund, Norway in December 2011. Thank you for an inspiring and wonderful evening! Your book has helped me a lot in my life the past year. As such I wanted to send you an e-mail to express my gratitude and also share my story with you. Thank you for your great work and for sharing it with the world.

My wife and I got your book The Shift in Consciousness as a Christmas present in 2010 from my sister. January 1st, 2011 I was admitted to hospital for inspections due to unsteadiness and problems with urination.

After the routine investigations, I was admitted to the neurological department at Haugesund Hospital, Norway. Later that night, when I went to fetch a glass of water, I collapsed and fell down. From then on I was totally paralyzed from the chest down.The doctors said it was NMO (Neuromyelitis optica), inflammation of the spinal cord andoptic nerve. However, I was given a wonderful gift, because I felt no fear or panic, it was just filled with gratitude and love knowing that this was going to be fine. It was critical in the first week because I was paralyzed in the chest/stomach region and struggled with respiration. However it did not affect my feelings because I experienced divine perfection from then on.

I was paralyzed in my left arm and had vision problems with my left eye, but my wife was reading from your book every day. It awakened and strengthened my faith in healing. It made med consciously aware of my thoughts, attitude and action. It motivated me in the process of taking on this challenge that was given to me. My wife wrote some quotes from your book on the whiteboard in the hospital room and they remained on the board until the day I left the hospital. I was paralyzed for 12 days.

After the 11th day I received information from the doctors saying that if I was lucky I might be able to get into a wheelchair in the summer – 6 months later.

Also, they told me that it would take me at least 2-3 years before I could walk again.
From day 13 I began to feel tremendous heat and warmth in my hips. I usually felt it twice a day and always after this heat sensation I felt better. On day 16 I was able to get up and walk my first steps. I had lost 12 kg, but from then on I began training. After 19 days I was sent to The Rehabilitation Clinic Lassa in Stavanger, Norway. I stayed there for 25 days and left 2 weeks prior to the plan due to my remarkable improvements.

What I want to tell you is that your book has meant a lot to me and my family. It has given me the opportunity to develop, to understand more and to have faith in my own power and to focus on possibilities rather than limitations. I was so inspired by your book so I bought 5 more copies and gave them to my closest family members and I have received a lot of great feedback about the content you have provided in your book.

During spring time I started running again. I could also play soccer with my nephew again and we went to Jaeren to surf. July 15th, I started working again. I decided to start a small transportation company.
I have learned a lot from your book. Although, after January 16, the doctors gave me hardly any follow-up and there was little financial help from the Labour and Welfare Services, because of some formalities not being in order, I never lost focus on the job I had to do. I took care of it with the gratitude, love and the positive attitude I had been given in this challenging time of my life. I had a conscious approach to what I had to do and how.

This process has been fantastic for me. I’ve met the right people at the right time. Everything has been perfect. I have viewed the challenges as perfect situations to learn from. Love has shown me a lot. I have been wiser when it comes to dealing with fear which we all too often allow to run our lives.

Last month my wife and I went to Brazil to visit “John of God.” After that experience we became even more inspired to live life fuller. Now I have closed down the company and we are selling our house. We have also given away all our things because we have decided to travel the world. We will be writing books and do healings and continue learning more about our spirituality – the world within ourselves and within the people we meet.

We start in Australia after a short trip visiting Brazil on the way. It’s like Joe Dispenza say: How is it that we are constantly recreating the same realities in the infinite sea of possibilities that exist around us? I am sure you receive a lot of great stories from people who has read your book. I just wanted to share my story with you hoping it can inspire you to do more of your great work – just like you have inspired me in my life. I wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas! Good luck in your work!

Forever grateful!
Jan Tore Amland