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Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

I have been a huge Earthing fan for years. After reading the book Earthing many years ago I started walking barefoot as often as I could. Several days a week I start my day by walking barefoot in nature if it´s not too cold.


It´s great for my health AND it calms my mind which is of great importance if you want to reach your subconscious mind and alter limiting beliefs.

Most people have limiting beliefs stuck in their subconscious mind and as such they are stopping themselves from reaching their goals. Research shows that the subconscious mind runs 95-99 % of our decision making. In order to change negative and limiting beliefs we need to reach the subconscious mind. Getting into lower brainwave state is the answer.

When you are in nature and connect with Mother Earth by being barefoot you easily get into the lower brainwave state of alpha which is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. So being in nature and connected to the Earth is a great way to calm your mind and get access to the subconscious mind.

I have come up with many, new great ideas while walking barefoot in nature. My thinking is much clearer. One of the most comprehensive and complete personal development programs I have ever created started as an idea while walking in nature. It eventually became my 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program.

You don´t have to walk barefoot to be connected and earthed, but you need to have skin contact with the Earth. So touching a tree or the ground with your hands would also establish that earthing-connection.

When you have physical contact with Mother Earth you are connecting to the electromagnetic field of the Earth and this will enhance your health and calm your mind.

You can also use Earthing devices to be connected.

In this video you can learn more about Earthing and earthing devices: