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The great investor, engineer and futurist Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) was spot on when he said:

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Everything boils down to energy, frequency and vibration – absolutely everything.

This is a scientific fact.

You, as a human being, are made up of approximately 100 trillions cells and each cell is made up of approximately 100 trillion atoms and every atom is made up of 99,999999999 % empty space, but this space is not empty. Its´filled with energy.

Everything is energy. You are energy.

Evert minute of the hour you are vibrating at a certain frequency.

I call this your personal frequency. It´s based on what you at any time is thinking and feeling.

Once you understand that you are a vibrating tower living in a vibrational Universe you will start to discover the secrets of the Universe just like Nikola Tesla did.


The Universe is Abundant.

Abundance flows from the non-physical through your mind and body, into your reality.

Your level of consciousness will determine the level of abundance you´ll receive.

When you expand your consciousness and raise your vibrations you also expand your experience of abundance.

More abundance will flow through you.

It´s just like air and the way you breath.

If you take a deep breath of fresh air it will flow through your lungs and into your bloodstream and into your cells and do you good.

But if you don´t breath deeply you´ll get less air into your lungs – less air into your bloodstream and less air into your cells.

However, air is all around you – in abundance.


Out of abundance, he took abundance and still abundance remained.
– The Upanishads

The Universe is abundant and it´s there for everyone.

It´s not a specific “amount of abundance” to go around.

Everyone can be abundant.

This expression from the The Upanishads* is very fitting in this regard:

Out of abundance, he took abundance and still abundance remained.
*The Upanishads is part of the Vedas, – ancient Sanskrit texts

So if every human being on Earth experienced abundance in every aspect of their lives more abundance would still remain. It´s never-ending.

The Universe is abundant in every way – like the air around you – but you still need to let it in.

So the amount of abundance you´ll receive in different aspects of your life is based on your personal frequency.

In other words, what you vibrationally communicate to the Universe.

How To Raise Your Vibrations And Change Your Life

I recently launched a new, fun game helping people raise their vibrations relative to wealth and abundance.

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You´ll see how your results in life (your level of abundance) has to do with your energy, frequency and vibration.

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