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Updated April 2020

If you are interested in metaphysical and spiritual information, like me, I´m sure you´ve come across different types of channeled information. There are so many different people channeling information from different dimensions, planes or realities.

I´ve got first hand experience with channeled information as I’ve worked closely with one of Scandinavia´s most powerful mediums for many years. Back in 2010 we also wrote a book together – The Shift in Consciousness.

In 2020 we also launched a podcast (in Norwegian) about Science and Spirituality –

Her name is Lilli Bendriss and she´s been channeling information for decades. Over the years different entities have been the source of the information coming through her, but for the most part it has come from a group of entities calling themselves The Council of Elders.

But how “real” or “true” is this kind of information?

During my many years of working with Lilli I felt the information was genuine. Also, I was able to verify some of the information with real events that happened some time after our channeling sessions.

One very powerful example is a session we did in 2011. The information that came through talked about many more pyramids in Egypt would be discovered.


I shared the information with a friend of mine and 3 weeks later he called me all excited. He said: they found the pyramids Lilli channeled. It´s true.

It was a big news story on BBC with the headline: Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images.

You can read the news story here:

This was one of several experiences I had showing me that channeled information can be true and real.

Over they years I´ve read and listened to a lot of channeled information from well-known channellers and not so well-known channellers. Sometimes the information conveyed really resonates with me – other times – not so much.

So, can you trust channeled information?


We don´t have the science and tools to proof it´s real, yet. But I´m sure this will come with new technologies in the near future.

I have seen first hand how channeled information can be the real deal. However, I still think you should always consult your feelings. Does the channeled information resonate with you or not? Does it feel right?

Some channellers are unconscious when they channel like Leif Havik channeling an entity calling itself Iliuka. I´ve been to one his channeling session. He says his consciousness is not present during the trance itself. “It´s like falling asleep for a few minutes even though the actual channeling time was app. 2 hours”, he says.

Other channellers are conscious and present. Lilli explained it to me like this:

“It´s like I´m stepping aside and allowing the entity to use my body to convey information. It´s not a voice coming through. It´s symbols that needs to be “translated into words” using my level consciousness.”


You might see channellers as radios that can tune into the frequency of the channeled entity from another plane. The “signal” is usually received first by the crown chakra.

In verbal channeling, it then stimulates the sixth chakra (the third eye) and the brain will then “search” the subconscious for correlating words.

If a medium is unconscious the entity select the specific words that seem to best express the thoughts/symbols.

If the channel is conscious he/she can work together in cooperation with the entity to select the specific words. Or the channeler can select the words himself/herself.

The challenge for a channeler is to not be coloured by his or her own subjective understanding of the topic being conveyed. They can easily “colour” the information with their own interpretation and that´s why I say you should always pay attention to your feelings.

Does the channeled information resonate and feel right to you?


Channeling is a rather complex phenomenon containing many variables. When I first starting learning about channeled information I thought it was a simple matter of dictation. I thought the medium/channeler acted as a neutral “tube” opening up for the entity to speak.

In that sense I thought the message coming through would be the same no matter who the channel was. But this is not the case. First of all the entity does not speak. It´s symbols – thoughts.

Also, you can have different mediums channeling the same entity and it doesn´t come out exactly the same. This is because the channelers level of consciousness is involved.

For a non-physical entity to establish contact with a person here on our physical, dense plane of matter is easier said than done. Two different “worlds” are trying to connect and that´s why it takes a lot of training for someone to become a channeler. They must practice tuning into higher frequencies.

Can anyone become a channeller?

Yes, I believe so, but it does require a strong intention to open up to communicate to higher planes.

If you´re interested in finding out more I suggest reading this book: Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I´ve read it and it has some great information and exercise you can do to become a channeler. If you feel strongly drawn to channeled information maybe you´re ready to start opening up.


Also, here are some of many channellers I´ve enjoyed over the years:
Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll, Tobias channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, Bashar channeled by Darral Anka,
Pleidian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy, Simion the Evolutionary Collective channeled by Jill Mara, Iliuka channeled by Leif Havik, Seth channeled by Jane Roberts and of course The Council of Elders channeled by Lilli Bendriss.

If you´re new to channeled information look it up. There´s a lot of free videos and articles online. Kryon and Lee Carroll has a huge library of free information you might find interesting: