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This blogpost is based on information from my book The Paradox of Creation.

The One Cosmic Mind has set up the Earth as a “playground” in the space-time construct in order to live out its potential. The famous psychic Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet – touched upon this in one of his readings:

“All souls come to Earth to test their spiritual ideals to see if they are real. Only by becoming subject to the physical influences of the flesh and the laws of the Earth realm can a soul know for certain if they really possess that spiritual ideal. Through this process, the soul is tested and the result is self-realization. This is the purpose of the Earth realm.” 
– Edgar Cayce

The Earth is a place to live out the potential – to enjoy the manifestation process because we have linear time to enjoy the process from idea to realization. During this journey we face tests of initiation.

The ultimate goal of the soul is reunion with the Inner Self and by that reunion with The One Cosmic Mind – with All That Is – to return to the heart of God.

We are souls – spiritual beings – conscious, thinking beings created in the image of God.

When we are aware we consciously grow as soul-aspects of THE ONE. Growing in this sense is re-membering. We are moving along a cycle (or actually a spiral). We are on the ride and the further along we go the more we re-member. It seems like growing, developing, evolving, learning, but it ́s really remembering.


Many talk of Earth as a school where we learn lessons and evolve. Yes, in a way it can be explained as learning and evolving, but in truth it ́s really re-membering (once again becoming a “member” of The One).

ALL THAT IS does not need to learn anything. As such life on Earth is not a school. We are not here to learn anything.

School is a place you go if there is something you don´t know that you want to know. You gain new knowledge. It´s not a place you go if you already know something and simply want to experience your knowingness.

ALL THAT IS knows everything, but it needs to experience it. It´s Being by Doing and that´s why a “doing environment” is needed – Earth.


In truth we are ONE MIND and The Mind is all knowing, but in order to interact with itself the soul-aspects have to be different and the difference then comes via subtraction. The One Mind is the best at everything.

For instance, it is the best painter, but then The Mind/God does not bestow such genius on everyone. Only some characters in the play called life will be great painters.

If everyone painted like Picasso then Picasso would not be Picasso. It´s not much of a game if all characters are the same. We need to be different characters and interact in order for God/The Mind/us to get as much out of this “game” as possible.


We are not learning about life, creation and God. Rather The One Mind is “allowing” us to re-member by moving along the cycle of creation. It feels like learning, indeed the world feels real, but it’s not.

Learning is re-membering.

As soul-aspects of The One we all have our parts to play. We are here to express our uniqueness, but if we want to be like everyone else we are not playing our part.

The more you play your part and express your uniqueness with passion and heart, the more you´ll re- member.