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Science has shown us that everything consists of atoms and that atoms contain 99,999999999 % space, but this space is not empty space. Its´filled with energy.

In other words, you are an energy-being living in a “sea of energy” and you are constantly setting up a vibrational frequency. This frequency is the result of how you think and feel because emotions and thoughts are specific electromagnetic units.

Research also shows that we think thousands upon thousands of thoughts every day and that 90 % of these thoughts are the same as the day before. As a result our vibrational frequency stays more or less the same. No real change.

We attract what we are sending out. Our vibration will dictate our reality. It´s the Universal Law of Attraction, Vibration and Cause & Effect all working together to provide you with the reality you vibrationally “asked for”. If you´re interested in learning more about the Universal Laws and how you can use them to change and manifest different aspect of your life please go here.

If your thoughts are the same your vibration is the same. As a result you´re not going to get any new results in your life since you´re sending on the same frequency all the time.

I should know because I spent my first 40 years on this planet thinking the same type of thoughts setting up the same type of frequency leading to the same type of results.

And I´m not alone in experiencing this. Most people get stuck in a certain thinking-pattern and as a result their frequency doesn´t change. So their reality stays the same. In other words – the same input will give you the same output.


Right now you are emitting a personal frequency – just like I am and everyone else.

However, we were all born with what I call a Home Frequency. A frequency coming from the heart – from the essence of who we are. And this is a very high frequency – a heart based frequency. This is our natural state.

But it doesn´t last because our minds get shaped, conditioned and molded by the environment we grow up in.

The environment influences the way we think and how we perceive the world. Sadly most of this influence is rooted in limitation and fear so we end up with limiting beliefs of what is possible to achieve in life.


The result is a change in frequency from our natural high heart-based state to a low personal frequency state influenced by limiting thought-patterns.

I have created a short video showing you how you can get back to your natural heart-based state.

I´m using a jug of water and a cork to illustrate my point.

This way of explaining our natural high frequency was something I came across many years ago when I was reading channeled information from Abraham (through Esther Hicks).

Once you get back to your natural high vibrational state your life will start to flow in new and incredible ways.


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