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For many years now I´ve accumulated information related to how science and spirituality are approaching each other.

Pioneering scientists are showing us how everything is connected to everything else and that the Universe is conscious.

Scientists are also talking about how our Universe could be a 3 dimensional hologram (The Holographic Principle) something spiritual people have been saying for a long time.

Furthermore, NASA has shown that more than 95% of the known Universe is non-physical – non-matter. Invisible stuff. Scientists call it dark matter and dark energy, but they have no clue what it is.

The same with the soul. There is still no scientific evidence to prove that we are souls. I truly believe we are, but from a scientific viewpoint there is no evidence.

What is the soul? Is it a thought? Is it energy that can be measured? An aspect of God?

This concept of the soul is rather difficult to grasp.

In my book The Shift in Consciousness I refer to an American doctor called Duncan MacDougal (1866-1920) who was nicknamed the Soul Man. He wanted to prove that the weight of the soul could be measured scientifically.


In 1907 he published a study entitled, The Soul Hypothesis Concerning Soul Substance Together with Experimental Evidence on the Existence of Such Substance. He wanted to conduct tests to see if the soul consisted of matter and thus had a measurable mass.

The proof of his theory would be a weight reduction at the moment of death, when the soul leaves the body. He designed a special bed that was placed on finely balanced scales, and six dying people were laid on it one by one.

He eliminated as many physiological explanations as possible in order to see if a weight reduction would occur at the moment of death, when the soul allegedly left the body and passed on.

In his published research material, MacDougall showed that the six people who died on the special bed lost exactly 21.3 grams when they died.



His research has been regarded as having little merit, and from a scientific point of view his study does not contain enough material to determine that the soul can be measured and that it weighs 21.3 grams. It was far from a statistically significant study.

Although The Soul Man experiment contained no strong scientific evidence, there are increasing numbers of people who believe in eternal life and that the soul continues on its journey after death. I´m one of them.

I do believe the soul is the essence of who we are and I think this essence is consciousness.

Several scientists say that the Universe is intelligent and conscious. It´s like a sea of consciousness because consciousness is at the base of everything.


Since we all are part of this “consciousness-sea” I believe the soul is like a “point of consciousness”.

You are experiencing life through your unique point of consciousness and so is everyone else. It´s part of the way the Universe can “learn about” or rather experience itself.

That´s why I believe we are here to create from this unique point of consciousness – from the soul level.

And the way to do this is to tap into what you are passionate about.

The most successful people in the world all come from passion. (I talk about this extensively in my program Your Manifesting Power).


Passion is the love of turning being into action. It fuels the engine of creation. It changes concepts to experience which is exactly what the Universe wants (The One Cosmic Mind as I like to call it).

Passion is the fire that drives us to express who we really are. Passion is a love of doing.

Doing is being, experienced. However, very often something else is created as part of doing. Expectation.

Once we start to create something we also start expecting. We want to see results. And if the results don´t come fast enough (according to the time-plan we´ve set) we get annoyed and frustrated.

We tend to slip into a negative mindset. We´re looking for a reason for not achieving the results we wanted even though we´ve worked hard. As a result we often blame bad luck and bad circumstances.


However, the true joyride is the creation process. Not the outcome – not the result itself. Not the expectations.

Let´s say you´re goal is to climb a certain mountain. Would you run as fast as you could to reach the top or would you enjoy the journey itself on the way to the top?

Life is not about results. It´s about the process. It´s about the journey.

I do believe we came here to enjoy this process of creation.

We have chosen this dense energy world (our 3D world of matter) with its linear time- system to experience all phases of the manifestation process.

From an idea (a concept) forms in our minds until it manifests as a physical experience in the 3 dimensional world.

Beyond “this place” creation is more “rapid” because thoughts become matter much faster. Other levels of realities are not as dense as our reality. So the time it takes from an idea forms in your mind until it becomes your experience goes much faster.

In such a reality you would easily be able to see that there is a connection between your thoughts and what you experience. It´s the Universal Law of Cause and Effect in action (one of the many Universal Laws I talk about in The 5 Steps To Master Your Life).

Your thoughts cause effects, but it´s not nearly as obvious in our reality which is a dense world of matter. We can´t see that our thoughts create our reality – our experience – so we think life is random and run by chance and luck.

It´s not. You are born with great manifesting powers. We all are.

If you´re curious about how to tap into this power click here to check out the Manifesting Power Video.