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In many blogposts I have written about the three-fold being of body,mind and soul.

We are more than our bodies. We are spiritual beings have a physical experience and we use the human body as our vessel to gain experiences in this three dimensional world of duality and polarity.

While we are living our lives in this construct of time and space we are bound by linear time – past, present and future.

But time is really an illusion. There is only “one time” – the time of now – the present time.

The past and the future are just human constructs to make sense of living here in this 3D world.

People with near-death experiences say that time ceased to exist when they die and “went to the other side”.

I´ve explained how time doesn´t really cease to exist as such in another blogpost. You can read it here.

As a human being you are bound to this 3D dimensional world og space and time, but the real you is the soul aspect and it´s not bound by time or dimensions.

It lives out many lives at the same time.

Right now the soul aspect of you is also living out different lives in what we call the past or the future. I´ve made a video to explain what I mean.

Take a look.