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For more than a decade I´ve been on a quest to learn more about The Bigger Picture of Reality.

On my journey to find answers I came to realise that we are all connected on a deeper level – to each other and to everything else.

It´s really hard to grasp since everything seems so separated.


I like to use the “Pando” example when explaining this. It´s also known as the Trembling Giant? Have you ever heard of it?

It´s the largest living organism in the world consisting of app. 43,000 aspen trees.  It´s located in Utah, USA.

The unique thing about these trees is this: they are not separated. In fact they are all connected through one massive underground root system. Pando is latin and means “I spread”.

The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80,000 years old, is among the oldest known living organisms. Its estimated weight is 6 million kilograms making it the heaviest known organism in the world.

On the surface it seems like 43,000 separated trees, but this is really an illusion. Beneath the ground all these trees are connected through one giant root-system.

Human beings are just like the Pando – connected. We think we are separated, but we´re not.

We are connected to each other, but not only that. We´re also connected to everything else. We´re like cells in One Cosmic Body because there is really only One of us here. One Cosmic Mind – All That Is.

Below you´ll see a videoclip from a movie based on cutting edge research from scientist Nassim Haramein. It´s explaining how everything is connected to everything else.

This documentary is groundbreaking. It explores new understandings in science that reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than what we have ever imagined.

Want to see the whole “Connected” movie? Check it out below: