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This blogpost is based on information from my books The Shift in Consciousness and The Paradox of Creation.

I do believe the universe is intelligent and run by universal laws. One of these laws is: The Law of Oneness. All is Mind. There is only one of us here so everything is connected to everything else.

You´ve probably heard the expression “We are all one”, but being ONE is being alone. ALL ONE = ALONE.

The One Cosmic Mind is All That Is. The Alpha and the Omega. Nothing is “outside” the One Mind. It´s alone and in that it cannot experience itself from an “outside” view. No “mirrors” providing reflection.

In order to gain some “self-reflection” it divided itself into soul aspects so it could experience itself from many different perspectives. It created reference points from within.

I see this as a Cosmic Mind “playing” a game with itself by “creating” actors for the play.

We are the actors. We are the soul aspects of the One Mind. And the Mind is conscious. So we we are “points of consciousness”.

You are a “unique point of consciousness” – what most people call a soul. You don´t have a soul. You ARE a soul.

The way you experience life is unique. No-one can think and feel just like you. The One Mind experiences life through your uniqueness – through your eyes.

In other words – we are all the eyes – I ́s – of God because God is “hiding” in each and everyone of us.


We are God in Disguise, but most of us don´t remember. We think we are separate. We think we are our bodies, our names, our titles. We think we are the actors in the play.

As actors playing in the movie called “Life on Earth” how would we get our part? How would it be “handed out to us”? How can we become the character we are meant to play?

There must be a set-up to ensure we play our character. Actors in movies or on stage read the script to understand and get acquainted with their roles – with their characters.

And it´s the same with the soul. As souls we choose what we need to go through this time around – what part to play. As such we choose the environment than can produce a character matching what we need to go through in this lifetime.

We choose our parents, the time period, Earth etc. and then we go to create ourselves anew once again. Nothing is a coincidence. In a way we read the “script and our part” “before” we are born.


Time is an illusion so there is really no “before”, but from our perspective here on Earth – time is experienced as linear. For more information about time and space check out my blogpost What happens to time when you die? –

Many spiritual teachers say we enter into soul contracts – soul charts – before we “arrive” here on Earth. These contracts/ charts would be the equivalent to how an actor reads the script for a movie.

When we are born we forget, but the link to our soul contract is intact through our intuition. It “knows the script” and the part you are supposed to play, but as we grow up we forget.

We forget in order to re-member. This is our purpose. To re-member who we are – soul aspects of the One Mind. We don´t live and die. We forget so we can re-member. Once again become members of the One Mind – experience oneness.


We are not hear to learn anything. Life on Earth is not a school.

School is a place you go if there is something you don´t know that you want to know. You gain new knowledge. It´s not a place you go if you already know something and simply want to experience your knowingness.

We come here as souls to gain experience of what we already know conceptually. There is nothing “new” to learn. We only need to remember who we are and act on it. We are God in Disguise, but we have forgotten.

Your soul knows all there is to know all the time. There’s nothing hidden to it, nothing unknown. But knowing is not enough. The One Mind, through each soul or point of consciousness, seeks to experience.

You can know yourself to be kind, but unless you do something which displays your kindness, you have nothing but a concept.

The One Mind – All That Is – knows everything, but it has no experience of the knowing so it creates a space-time “bubble” with linear time so it can experience all that it knows through us.


It´s like theory and practice.

Before you got your driver´s licence you had to study the traffic rules, sign posts, how a car works – the clutch, breaks, gear etc. All theory.

But theory is not enough. You also had to practice driving. You had to gain some driving experience. The same with the soul. It knows everything, but that´s not enough. It´s here to gain experience.

But how would The One Cosmic Mind make sure you, as a soul using a human body on planet Earth, would play your part? How does it work?

It works by soul contracts. You choose your part.

Before you arrived on Earth in this lifetime, you, as a soul created a chart and contract for this lifetime. This chart was configured very meticulously. As a soul you are seeking fulfillment in the areas that you have not yet experienced. You are branching out and expanding your soul.

Feelings are the language of the soul and it wants to experience every feeling from fear to love – the whole spectre. But it´s not possible to achieve this in one lifetime.

So the soul uses many lifetimes to gain more and more experiences where the ultimate goal is once again to reach love and oneness.



For every lifetime the soul chooses a different character to play. So for this lifetime you chose your current character because you believed it would give you the experiences you are seeking this time around.

There are people – even entire groups of people – who have been born into what we would call disadvantage. But from a soul perspective no one is “disadvantaged,” for each soul creates for itself the exact people, events, and circumstances needed to accomplish what It wishes to accomplish.

In other words, you choose everything. Your parents. Your country of birth. All the circumstances surrounding your re-entry.

And we keep on choosing while we are here. We continue to choose and to create people, events, and circumstances designed to bring us the exact, right, and perfect opportunities we now desire in order to gain experiences in accordance with our soul contract.

It´s important to understand that all of the “preplanning” and the current choices we take are assisting us to manifest our highest potential as human and spiritual beings here on Earth.

Some even say that within our DNA we have “triggers” which will “go off” and cause a certain vibrations which will attract people and circumstances into our lives in accordance with our soul contract. These “triggers” have been “pre-planned” and will “go off” at certain stages in our lives.



Cutting edge research shows that we are being shaped and conditioned by the environment we grow up in. Our parents and guardians shape us into the character we have chosen to play this time around.

That´s why we chose our parents and our family, place of birth etc. It gave us the perfect condition we needed in order to create our character.

From a human perspective it might be difficult to accept the concept of soul contracts. For instance – why would anyone want to be born into extreme poverty or into a childhood of abuse or violence?

The soul is after the feeling and it doesn´t see the world as “wrong” or “right” – as “bad” or “good” – as “advantaged” or “disadvantaged”.

It´s all about gaining new experiences on the scale from fear to love.

For more information about fear and love please check out my blogpost The Great Polarity – Fear and Love –


Many people go through life without a real purpose. They forgotten who they are and why they came here. They just lives that are  expected of them – from parents and society. I did that for 40 years and then I finally found my purpose. Now I help people find theirs. Interested in finding yours? Check out this free video.