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From: Camillo Loken

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Re: How To Use This Program

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Hi [wlm_firstname]!

I want to personally thank you and congratulate you for joining The Your Manifesting Power Program. I truly want you to reach your goals and transform your life. I have created this program to help people see The Bigger Picture Of Reality so they can tap into their vast potential and power. We all have a great power within and this program will show you what you need to do to access it.

You’ll see by the navigation buttons on the top of this page that we have laid out your members area in a simple to understand format. This is a simple step by step program. Start with Step 1 and keep going. In some of the material for Step 1-3 you will find a reference to The Resource Section. This section contains supporting material in the form of videos and audios and will help you get an even deeper understanding of what is being conveyed in Step 1- 3. In this section you also get access to the e-book about How To Find Your Purpose in Life.

You also get access to your bonus gifts in the Bonus Section. These bonuses also contain life -changing information. This information supplements the content in The Your Manifesting Power Program. I recommend that you go through the program first before looking into the material in these bonus gifts.

If you need any help or have any questions please visit the Support page.

All the best,

Camillo 🙂

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