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Below you will find your 12th free extra bonus video or follow up video aimed at helping you see The Bigger Picture of Reality and transform your life.

This video is going further into energy, frequency and vibrations and will show you the difference between your personal frequency and what I call your true Frequency or your home frequency.

I hope you will enjoy it!

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P.S If you missed the other follow-up videos you can access them through the links below.

Understanding the difference between your personal frequency and your home frequency and how this understanding will help you reach your goals faster.

Getting Into The Vortex – a powerful additional tool

It is a scientific fact that we live in a Vibrational Universe. Everything is energy and everything vibrates. The path to abundance in all areas of your life is not a path of hard work, but an emotional path. In other words, it is a vibrational path since thoughts and feelings set up your vibrational frequency.

Science is showing us that the Universe is intelligent and acts as a feedback loop. Whatever we are communicating to it by means of vibrations is what will turn up in our lives. What you send out is what is coming back – just like a boomerang. Your reap what you saw.

It is recommended to use the tools in this program to change your frequency. Use the Quick Coherence Technique, Creative Visualisation and also the Observe – don´t judge technique often. These tools will help you change your life. However, if you want additional tools I highly recommend Getting Into The Vortex by Esther Hicks & Abraham.

For several years I worked with a powerful medium who channeled information from the Source of The Universe or “the other side” as many people call it. What I experienced during my close working relationship with this powerful medium is something orthodox science cannot explain, but with the “new” branch of science – quantum mechanics/physics – it makes sense. Mediums have the ability to tap into what I call “different layers” of the quantum field and pick up information of great value. So too Esther Hicks who communicates information from a group of consciousness calling themselves Abraham.

Their program Getting Into The Vortex is a perfect match to the content and the tools in this program. It´s all about breathing deeply to allow the energy to flow freely into all your cells so you get into alignment with the essence of who you are. And that essence comes from a place of high frequency. It is all about letting go of worries and doubt and trust the process of the Universe. The more you can let go the sooner your manifestations will happen.

Getting Into The Vortex is an audio program which comes with a User Guide. It contains four audio tracks – 15 minutes each. The tracks included are:

  • General Well Being
  • Financial Well Being
  • Physical Well Being
  • Relationship Well Being

Getting Into The Vortex – Click on the image for more information.